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Some of the projects that I've worked in

History Channel Latinoamérica
Responsive site on Drupal, strongly based in modules. Here i've used Isotope to achieve the dynamic box arrangement and animation, And I've created a library to control MongoDB from PHP.

Monsanto - AgSeed Select
With this app, you can select different types of crops, each one with their different statistics, and from that, create a printable manual to present in food companies.Done with HTML5 and Custom PHP. Also, It has a mobile app. To test, you can use any US zip code (like 44333)

Corporative site, based on Wordpress.

Ohio Dental Association
Main site for the Ohio Dental Association. Created from scratch. It has a solid and efficient code.

Sherwin-Williams - Purdy
Site created with Java backend, The design wasn't thought as responsive, and I had to make it work on mobile and tablets anyway.

Waste Management
Site for the biggest garbage collection company of the US. It's based on a combination of Java and .NET backend and services.

More and More Portfolio

For a complete list of projects and specs of my background, you can check out my LinkedIn profile!