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My name is DaimonKaisar.

As a web developer for nearly 10 years, I've worked with most of the web technologies, and in this time my love for them has led me to the depths of the front-end development platform, and prefer them before others... (But not limited to...).

I think web technologies open the way to new era of humanity, a new economic system, political and cultural. And must not be ignored the importance who are having web technologies and applications today, as well as the forecasts of its unavoidable future role in communications and business organization.

For this reason, I argue that we must get serious about web development, and stop thinking that "we are doing just funny pages". Instead of that, we must think that we are building the pillars for the future.

Let's Think in social responsibility, in finding standards and better communication and organization systems. Consider that what we do today may be the difference in the behavior of the societies of tomorrow.

Hence, I believe that everyone should contribute to the growth of knowledge and global ethics, and yet it is somewhat minimal, this simple word could be the missing link to solve a big problem.

This is what I do, and I pretend to extend It.

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